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Igal Fedida’s life and work has orbited around his interest in the arts.


From an early age, he exhibited a keen sentience for shape and form, developing a penetrating cognition for composition and design Igal demonstrated an intuitive penchant for the Arts. Paintings has always been a special process for Fedida that allowed him to draw upon his Jewish-Moroccan background and intertwined art with that of the complex, universal human pursuit of spiritual truth.

A close affinity to nature drew Igal to broaden his artistic palette by studying photography in depth at UCLA. He then traversed the globe capturing stills and moments of nature attempting to expressively interact with the beautiful essence of creation, developing a unique style of blending Polaroid with water color


Igal’s true transformative artistic style emerged when he incorporated rough raw structural materials such as woods, metals, unconventional construction paints along with other mixed media to brush and canvas. Utilizing his building skills and knowledge of form and function, Igal began to amalgamate, emulate and unite the creation of the world through his art. 

“I don’t plan what I paint, I close my eyes and some unseen force drives my brush, and when I am finished, I open my eyes in awe of what present was given to me.”
Igal Fedida

The Genesis Series, currently on display in Miami Florida , is a chromatic treatise on the meaning of creation, visually exploding with colors, blending basic building materials with unique creative form, coalescing theory and allegory like Big Bang and Adam & Eve.


The series reflects the soul searching journey of a lifetime steeped in meditation of Biblical, Talmudic and Kabalistic sources in a search for meaning as well as emotional and artistic meeting points with G-d.“I believe that just as G-d holds a bank of souls that are sent to earth in the form of new lives throughout eternity, G-d similarly holds a bank of divine images that are meant to be given to us mortals through channels called artists.”

Igal joyously lives in Miami with his wife and his 4 children, where he runs his Miami studio. While being based in Miami and after years of maintaining a gallery in Manhattan and Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, Igal now shares his time in his new gallery and studio in the beautiful Safed, Israel. There Igal creates and draws inspiration from the ancient and mystical city. 

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