Did you know that there are more than a dozen museums in Fort Lauderdale? There is the Museum of Discovery and Science, The Fort Lauderdale Museum, Bonnet House Museum and Gardens, and several others. Of all the museums in Fort Lauderdale, there are only a couple of art museums. A local art museum that you may or may not have heard of is Igal Fedida Arty Gallery.


Art Museums for Children in Fort Lauderdale

If you think back to when you were a child, you probably have fond memories of going to different kinds of museums. These were fun times for most of us. These were times of exploration both of ourselves and of the world around us. One of the best things about art is that passes on from generation to generation. Igal Fedida Art Gallery believes that we need to educate our youth about and share art with them.

If you would like to plan an educational trip to the Igal Fedida art museum, you are very welcome here. Just contact Igal Fedida Art Gallery in advance, and you may bring your group in for an educational tour.


What is an Art Museum?

Art museums add massive cultural value to their communities. Indeed, art museums are vital to civic life. For the community, having the ability to interact with original works of art can be life-enriching, both on a personal and on a societal level. There is much to be learned from art galleries/museums, much of which is about ourselves.


What's the Best Kind of Art in Florida?

The best kind of art is the kind that leaves something for the mind. That is why, for example, a photograph in and of itself, is not art. In other words, it's not what the photo captures that is art; it is what the photo does not capture that is art. Art is the untold story in photography. The same can be said of paintings, etchings, carvings, etc. The best kinds of art, regardless of the art form, leave a little something for the mind to work out. The best art doesn't tell you everything; it doesn't end the conversation. Rather, it starts and fuels the conversation.


Why is Art Important Today?

It may come as a surprise to some that, as technology continues to rapidly evolve and invade every aspect of our lives (at work, at home, and on the go), human appreciation for art, beauty, and nature seem to be dwindling just as rapidly. Art is not the same on Facebook as it is in real life. Sadly, it seems that tech is making our children are becoming more robotic, more programmed, and less creative. Rather than learning how to be creative, the inner artistic light of our young is often being stamped out by a more introverted world.

This isn't an attack on tech or science. Rather, this is an honest evaluation life in the 21st Century. Tech has its due place in our lives, but let's not
neglect art, nature, and beauty. Thank goodness there are museums in Fort Lauderdale like Igal Fedida Art Gallery that keep creativity alive.